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Decorative cup, antique look, metal, moss green, Ø9cm, H14.5cm

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Product descriptionProduct description

More than vintage: the small metal decorative goblet looks like an ancient drinking vessel, just discovered by archaeologists in a ruined city.

The color of the vessel mimics the greenish tone that metal takes on over time due to the influence of wind and weather. The beige coating makes the vessel look like it is encrusted with sand and dust. This elaborate design continues on the inside. The edge and base of the decorative cup are decorated with stylized flowers and shell ornaments. The influence of ancient models can be clearly seen.

With the metal cup, there are many interesting ways to effectively present accessories, holiday souvenirs or interesting finds from nature such as sand and shells. You can position the goblet lying on a decorative plate or tray, for example: Interesting coins from your last vacation, an old piece of jewelry or fine sand can then swell over the edge. In this way you can also create an appealing and unusual shop window decoration!

The metal chalice with an antique look has a total height of approximately 14.5 centimeters. The high bowl itself is about 10 centimeters deep and has a diameter of about 9 centimeters.

Total height : approx. 14.5 cm
Depth bowl: approx. 10cm
Diameter : approx. Ø9cm
Color : moss green, beige, black
Material : metal
Quantity : 1 piece

This product is made from galvanized, post-treated sheet steel. For this reason, we cannot guarantee that the vessel is 100% rust-free and 100% waterproof.

Accessories and decorative items shown on product images are not part of the product range, unless they are expressly included.

Prod. nr.: 68252
Weight: 0,38 kg
Delivery till: 30. October **

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Decorative cup, antique look, metal, moss green, Ø9cm, H14.5cm
Decorative cup, antique look, metal, moss green, Ø9cm, H14.5cm
Decorative cup, antique look, metal, moss green, Ø9cm, H14.5cm
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