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Grave lights and grave lights are mostly placed on Christian graves for religious purposes. Remaining candles light on the graves of the deceased to commemorate their relatives, especially on memorial days such as All Saints' Day or Sunday of the Dead, but also on birthdays or the day of death. Grave candles are a beautiful decoration, especially in winter, and with their light they provide comfort in the dark season.

Whether as a free-standing candle, as a grave lantern or to refill a glass housing - you will find grave lights in all possible variations.

Grave lanterns, grave lights, grave candles and LED grave lights in different versions: cylindrical, conical or angular, simple or richly decorated

Grave lights are available in different shapes and sizes in our floristry online shop. In addition to plastic grave lights, you will find special specimens such as heart-shaped, gold-decorated, white and red glass grave lights. Models with a structured, turned or smooth surface in the versatile product range meet every taste. Refill candles in red or white can also be ordered in the practical storage pack.

Depending on the grave light , the candle can burn for up to several days. For an even longer lighting time, we also offer LED grave lights. Depending on the outside temperature, the battery-operated grave light can last up to two months. LED grave lights are available in different motifs with, for example, a cross or with praying hands here in the floristry online shop.

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