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Wickerwork & baskets Category description

You will find basketry in our floristry online shop in a wide variety of variations.

In floristry and in the garden, wicker and wickerwork can be processed in a variety of ways. In the living room, the baskets and decorative items woven from natural materials are stylish home accessories.

Wicker baskets and coarsely woven chip baskets with handles or side handles are available in different sizes, shapes and colors. Filled with fruit, decorative items or flowers, they are a beautiful eye-catcher in living rooms, on the balcony and terrace. Baskets made of willow, vine and sisal can also be used as a gift basket or planter.

The wicker and chip basket goods such as the dyed or natural-colored chip basket in our floristry online shop are suitable for further processing in floristry or in gardening as well as for many other types of use. Whether in variants as a plant ring, boat, oval planter, round or square plant basket - the variety of shapes of wicker pots for planting is almost unlimited.

Braided decorative items and wicker baskets for picnics, for planting, as gifts and for everyday use on the balcony or terrace

Vine cuffs, braided sisal hearts for filling, balls of different sizes and wreaths made from vines are ideal decorative items for table decorations, gifts or window decorations. They can be perfectly combined with other decorative materials.

But wicker baskets are not only beautiful, they are useful everyday companions as bread baskets, shopping baskets, potato baskets or picnic baskets.

We also offer grape material such as Mühlenbeckia and raffia for further processing for florists and horticulturalists.

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