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Summer décor and maritime accessories for garden, table, balcony and summer parties

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Summer is the most beautiful time of the year. Make the most of every single sunny day, because the cooler autumn days come fast enough! - We offer you a large selection of decorative elements with which you can conjure up attractive summer decorations in the hot season.

In line with the season, you will find many unusual ideas for giving away, decorating and deductibles:

We offer delicate shells, filigree crocheted pots, summer bags, decorative deck chairs, flower studs, straw hats, wax balls, but also cheerful decorative elements for the start of school.

Invite your friends and family to a garden party or have a picnic in the park. With us you will find everything that makes summer parties even more unforgettable: Colorful napkins, funny decorative sticks and much more.

Is there anything better than a warm summer day? Yes, the summer nights! - For the mild summer evening, we offer beautiful, glowing decorative accessories such as tea and lanterns as table or hanging decorations and various fairy lights and lanterns , which make the summer nights even more romantic.

With our summer decorations you can transform your garden, your terrace, the balcony or - if it should rain - your living room in a flash into a summer vacation spot where you can relax, unwind and enjoy. Choose the decoration that suits you: modern, romantic, classic or elegant. You can put colorful flowering plants in our delicate crochet pots with the filigree flower pattern. The wax ball lanterns, which give off a magical light, go particularly well with this. Romantic mood is guaranteed. - Let yourself be inspired by our decoration ideas!

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