Bowls, pots & vases

Hanging pots and baskets for planting an eye-catcher!

Discover our diverse selection of bowls, pots, vases and many other vessels for planting or filling with decorative items .

Whether terracotta look, clay or acrylic - the different models of bowls, planters and vases are an eye-catcher in the house and garden. We also offer suitable containers for everyday use as well as for hobby gardeners and florists.

Planters, balcony boxes, hanging baskets, planters and utensils for florists and hobby gardeners

Plastic plant pots, clay and transparent plant pots for orchids are especially recommended for selling plants and flowers in florist shops. The setting vases are also suitable for the sales-promoting presentation of cut flowers.

Window boxes, traffic light pots and hanging baskets for planting are eye-catchers for balconies and patios. Planters are also available in different shapes , for example as a plant cross, plant heart or plant ring. These pre-formed vessels can be further processed with floral foam or soil, dried or fresh flowers to design graves. For funeral floristry, we also offer grave vases that can be set up or stuck in the ground .

Daily utensils such as watering cans also add color to the garden, balcony and terrace. In addition to conventional models for garden irrigation, you will find modern design watering cans in bright colors for indoor use. Colored planters and coasters in various sizes complete our range.