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We at Floristik24.ie are your competent and experienced contact when it comes to floristry, decoration and handicraft needs for private and commercial purposes. With the offered decorative elements, artificial and silk plants, you can design the entire living area and the garden individually. We also have all the items you need for making flower arrangements and flower arrangements for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, funerals or for seasonal plant decorations.

At Floristik24.ie you can order all the floristry items you need directly online. This gives you the opportunity to order floristry and decoration supplies for the home and garden at any time every day. You don't have to go out of the house and can order regardless of opening times. You can also visit us on facebook. You can choose from various accessories such as winding wire, aluminum wire and scissors for plant decoration and design. You can even order decorative elements such as fruits, silk and artificial flowers, decorative flower plugs and wicker easily online from us. Our online shop Floristik24.ie is clearly structured in categories. This made navigation easier for you, so that you will surely quickly find the right article for your project. After selecting the article, you can choose between three secure payment methods: PayPal, credit card or prepayment. After the successful order, the selected items will be dispatched promptly. Sending decorations is challenging. That is why we have developed a professional shipping system with which we can professionally pack and quickly ship all items from the floristry sector. This will ensure that all items arrive safely at your place.

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