Amaryllis tuber with buds Artificial 30cm Burgundy

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Noble amaryllis with burgundy red tuber are suitable for tasteful decoration arrangements - not only at Christmas time!

While the real version of the amaryllis tuber is often coated with wax for floristic purposes, the artificial tuber from VIANA is velvety flocked with a similar look.

The artificial amaryllis tuber is made very close to nature. Two golden inflorescences of different lengths protrude from the tuber, the buds being enclosed by two delicate, semi-transparent bracts. The bud shoots are held in a rich yellow shade of green and are surrounded at the lower end by light brown residual leaves.

Lay out a medium-sized wooden tray with large areas of moss. Place burgundy-colored amaryllis tubers of different flowering stages on the free central area and fill the spaces in between with Christmas tree balls in delicate shades of purple. - An exciting table decoration for the Advent season is ready! Tip: If you place a few real ones between the artificial tubers, you will have a changing display of flowers in your Christmas decorations throughout the entire pre-Christmas period!

The artificial amaryllis tuber with buds in Burgundy has a total height of about 30 centimeters and a diameter of about 9.5 centimeters. The tuber height is also about 9.5 centimeters.

Total height: approx. 30 cm
Bulb height: approx. 9.5 cm
Bulb diameter: approx. Ø9.5cm
Color: Burgundy, Green, Brown White
Material: plastic, paper
Quantity: 1 piece

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manufacturers: Viana ®
Prod. nr.: 68522
Weight: 0,42 kg
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Amaryllis tuber with buds Artificial 30cm Burgundy
Amaryllis tuber with buds Artificial 30cm Burgundy
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