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Cup antique white Ø14cm H21cm

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Product descriptionProduct description

This rustic goblet in white looks like from bygone times and is therefore a great planter for friends of the popular shabby chic. Thanks to artificially created color abrasions, scratches and traces of rust, the decorative vessel looks as if it has already experienced a lot and has now been converted into a piece of interior decoration. The special details also contribute to this, such as the slats that adorn the base of the classically shaped amphora or the handles that are lined with ornaments.

Simply plant the antique cup with spring-like ornamental flowers such as tulips or daffodils. The contrast between the supposedly antique jug and fresh green will decorate your home wonderfully. Of course, the goblet can also be used as a beautiful table decoration. Imagine how the metal cup will adorn your table when you have invited you to a Mediterranean banquet. So you can add a little maritime flair to your country house decoration.

The antique metal goblet in white has a diameter of about 14 centimeters at the upper edge of the vessel; the diameter of the stand is approximately 11.5 centimeters. With the two handles, the approximately 21 centimeter high vessel is about 22 centimeters wide. The depth of the vessel is about 14 centimeters. When planting, make sure to line the container with plant film to avoid stagnant water.

Diameter (vessel): approx. Ø14cm
Diameter (foot): approx. Ø11.5cm
Height: about 21cm
Depth (vessel): approx. 14 cm
Width with handles: approx. 22 cm
Color: white, red, gray
Material: metal
Quantity: 1 piece

Note: Accessories and decorative items shown on product images are not part of the product range, unless they are expressly included.

Please note: This product is made from galvanized, post-treated sheet steel. For this reason, we cannot guarantee that the vessel is 100% rust-free and 100% waterproof.
Prod. nr.: 64336
Weight: 0,6 kg
Delivery till: 30. October **

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Cup antique white Ø14cm H21cm
Cup antique white Ø14cm H21cm
Cup antique white Ø14cm H21cm
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