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Decorative cup, antique look, metal, moss green, Ø19cm, H35.5cm

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This decorative goblet looks antique and as if it had been salvaged from the desert sand - the result of an elaborate treatment. The moss green base color is reminiscent of oxidized copper. In addition, the metal vessel was treated in several colors. The elegant base and the small handles, which are modeled on old representations of seahorses or sea kites, complete the metal decoration with an antique look.

The chalice is detailed enough to be set up as a single piece on a chest of drawers, on the terrace or in a niche in the natural stone wall in the garden. Since it is even treated with decorative sand on the inside, it also makes a stunning vintage look on a large decorative plate with fine sand, other metal decorations or souvenirs such as coins, sea snails and shells. Due to its elaborate design, it is just as perfect for a shop window.

The metal cup has a total height of around 35.5 centimeters. The bowl itself is approximately 10.5 centimeters deep and its diameter is approximately 18.5 centimeters.

Total height : approx. 35.5cm
Depth bowl: approx. 10.5cm
Diameter : approx. Ø18.5cm (27cm with handles)
Color : moss green, beige, gray, black
Material : metal
Quantity : 1 piece

Please note: This product is made from galvanized, post-treated sheet steel. We cannot guarantee that the vessel is 100% rust-free and 100% waterproof.
Prod. nr.: 68263
Weight: 1,1 kg
Delivery till: 30. October **

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Decorative cup, antique look, metal, moss green, Ø19cm, H35.5cm
Decorative cup, antique look, metal, moss green, Ø19cm, H35.5cm
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